Foto Salienznetzwerk

Olfactory Nerve as a Channel for Electrical Stimulation of the Salience Network

Founded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
Foto Salienznetzwerk
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In this project, founded by the DFG, we investigate the effect of electrical stimulation of the olfactory epithelium on the salience network in cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Center "Smell & Taste" in Dresden (Link). The olfactory nerves are connected to the central structures of the salience network, the center of our brain that processes and evaluates the meaningfulness of stimuli. One key symptom of depression is anhedonia – the surroundings of a depressive person is not special or salient anymore. We hope, we will obtain a nearly direct channel to the salience network by the electrical stimulation of the olfactory nerve and, in this line, get the possibility to change the dysfunctional connectivity within this network. In the long term, we hope that this will open new neuromodulatory pathways for antidepressant treatments.

Contact: Ilona Croy & Maria Geisler