Forschung zu Psychotherapie

Psychotherapy Research

In addition to patient care, we are committed to contributing to the improvement and advancement of psychotherapy.
Forschung zu Psychotherapie
Image: pixabay

Psychotherapy is an effective method for the treatment of mental disorders. Although the evidence for the effectiveness is well documented, there are open questions concerning which parts of psychotherapy or which mechanisms are responsible for these effects. There is even controversies about what psychotherapy actually is. Answering these questions is crucial for psychotherapists as it can help them to focus their work on the important aspects of the treatment. Furthermore, such research helps to improve the education of new psychotherapists. In this context, we are conducting detailed data collection before, during and after psychotherapy sessions in various projects. In this way, we hope to better understand the course of treatment and its underlying factors, the interaction between psychotherapists and patients, and their interaction.

Contact: Ilona Croy & Fabian Rottstädt